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Maternity DreSS Rental FAQS

How long can I rent the dress? 

Each rental is only for the portrait session date. You may rent multiple dresses per session. 

What are the rental costs?

Rental fees range between $85 per gown. This can either be added to your ultimate bill or paid separately

How can I view the available dresses for rental?

The dresses are located below 

How do I determine if the dress will fit?

You are welcome to try it on at the studio! Send me an email to arrange a date and time!

How far in advance must a garment be reserved?

Dresses should be reserved once you book

I have changed my mind about the garment I desire. Can I swap out my rental?

You may make alterations based on availability, but please do so at least 1.5 weeks in adance. Many of thee dresses will correspond with a setup. Please send me an email to confirm the availability of the garment you wish to change to.

 Rental Inventory


The Tangerine - M/L

Hot Pink Sadie - S/M

Pink Lace S-XL (stretchy)

Black Lace - S-XL (stretchy)

DSC00459 copy.jpg

Red Lace - S-Xl (stretchy)

Blue Layered Tulle M/L

DSC08504 2.jpg

White Fairy - M/L


Pink Tulle - M/L

DSC03693 (1).jpg

Tribal - S/M

La Creme' - S-L

DSC00449 copy_edited.jpg

Sail Blue - M/L

Sun Ray - M/L

DSC00454 copy.jpg

Rose - L

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