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Are you looking to start your OWN business? Do you need to improve your skills in studio lighting, natural lighting, and editing? Let's make it happen. I'm available for one-on-one training and shadowing for mentorship.

Camera setup

In this course, we will do a step-by-step process of setting up  the camera and making the best use out of  camera settings. (DSLR cameras are preferred for this course).

Studio Lighting

Studio lighting can be tricky! I will teach you the basics and advanced setups for studio lighting. We will walk through lighting diagrams and  "go to" camera settings for your lighting in studio. I will introduce you to equipment to use which will greattly enhance your studio images. 

Business setup

Let's face it, starting a business requires a lot of knowledge, but I got your back. I will provide you with sample contracts, policies and procedure information, do's and don'ts and the business, legal documentation to reference and so much more. We will also build a business plan and trajectory for your business. 

Natural lighting

In this course, we will shoot and practice with different exposures, settings, and scenarios so that you are familiar with lighting in various situations.  

Photo Editing

Editing can be very overwhelming! We will walk through Photoshop and Lightroom tools so that you are very familiar with buttons and settings. I will also teach editing techniques, color grades, skin retouching and much more. This is an extensive class that will cover all of your editing needs. 

Shadow me

If you are interested in shadowing me, helping out with photo sessions, or would love the experience to connect, feel free to contact me and set up an experience. 

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